Hassie: Poor but Sexy

And So It Ends

There are a million stories I could write about the end of my time in Berlin (from pulling a glass shard out of my roommate’s foot to the drunk who steals the mic on a karaoke stage to simply state in a slow and methodical manner, “I’m a hooligan”), but it seems a bit disingenuous […]

Old Yeller

Well, I’m obviously a touch behind on this thing. Apologies. I’m in much more of a summer mode these days and blogging apparently doesn’t fit into that. Seeing as I’m not even sure how long it has been since the last one, I’ll just try to recall some interesting occurrences that have happened along the […]

Classes = Fertig

Life has been a bit hectic here with classes finishing, shadowing some doctors in the surgery department, and thesis work, so I’ll try to catch you up on the last couple of weeks. It’s odd to think that only ten months ago I came to Berlin and met all these people from far-flung regions of […]

Czech It, Maxwell

Shadows: 1; Hasanga: 0 One of my glorious roommates from GAC, Maxwell Lantz, is in the house, so we’ve got ten days to run amuck in Berlin and Prague. Between the necessity of hanging out and actually doing homework, I’ll be limiting this blog to our time in Prague. We arrive by train in Praha […]

Lübeck and an Overload of Cuteness

This week I’m going to a conference for my scholarship in the northern German town of Lübeck. Before we get to that though, I need to expound on what is probably the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. The Teddybear Klinikum (teddy bear clinic). As you may be able to gather from the name, it’s […]

It’s Called a Wedding Throwdown

Just over a week ago the absolutely incredible Karen and Carl got married. I’m not sure if there’s anything better than witnessing two of your best friends getting married. To be part of the festivities, I flew back to the States a little over a week before the wedding. Probably, actually undoubtedly, one of the […]

Andrei in da Haus

Andrei’s arrival marks this week’s special occurrence. Señor Hahn and I were Greeters together at GAC, and now he’s living in Madrid while plying his Spanish and studying. As we roam Berlin’s main sights, we eventually make our way to the Brandenburg Gate. On the plaza in front of it, there are all kinds of […]

Bonjour Paris

The picture of Rachel and I that used to be here was just too creepily huge This week is filled with all kinds of festivals in the Berlin area, and then to finish off the week, I’ll be making an excursion to Paris to meet up with the glorious Gustie Rachel Schmitt. So let’s get […]

Going East with the Rents

In mid-April, my parents come to Europe for a few weeks. Although they do spend a good amount of time here in Berlin, this blog is going to focus solely on our excursion to Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. Get psyched. We start our travels by heading to Vienna. My ma loves The Sound of Music, […]

Playing Catch Up

Due to Easter (yeah, that’s how far back we’re going; sorry), stores in Deutschland close. I understand, Jesus is rising. Kind of a big deal. But then comes Monday. By this time, I’m pretty sure Jesus has successfully risen. Then why are all of the grocery stores still closed? This is a problem when mine […]