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Coming home from school today, a man just jumped in front of my train. I remember hearing the thud and instantly knowing. A second earlier that man had been alive and breathing. You could see shock on the faces of the people standing on the platform. Some just stood there with their hands over their mouths trying to comprehend the horror they had just witnessed. Others averted their eyes. But for a second, everyone in that bustling train station stood motionless. A crowd gathered at the front of the train, but after a quick glance, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the train reverse and unveil the undoubtedly mangled corpse that lay below. I didn’t need that image seared into my brain. I’ve thought about it enough even without that still frame.

He honestly could’ve been anyone. That’s the same way Robert Enke committed suicide, and he was about to be Germany’s number one keeper for the 2010 World Cup. It’s just baffling. And now that boy’s family is about to get that call or find that note, and their world will be shaken to the core. That’s heartbreaking.

He could’ve been anyone.

So please, go hug someone you love and care about, because there may be a time when you’re thousands of miles away from any them and that simply isn’t an option.


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  1. Meredith Feenstra says:

    So many hugs from home, Hassie. Love you.