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Even German castles get in on the Christmas market craze.

I’m currently back in America for winter break for about two weeks. It’s pretty surreal. But I’m not sure if it exactly feels like Christmas seeing as all the land is a dull brown rather than gloriously white. Hopefully some snow actually comes, but who knows. Maybe we’ll have to resort to throwing ice cubes in the yard.

Anyway, I can’t justify spending too much time on this post when I’ve got such a limited time to see my family and friends. With that said, I’ll just recount some of the highlights from my journey back home.

While I was waiting for my flight in the wee hours of the morning, the urge to use the bathroom hit me. One issue. I couldn’t seem to get the bathroom lights to work (I swear they were broken and I’m not just an imbecile), so my two options were either to keep the door open (allows in light but also the random passersby) or just do my business in the dark. I chose the privacy that darkness brings, but it was a bit nerve-racking.

Then on my flight into London there was a little British girl sitting behind me. As we’re starting our descent, I hear this girl say, “Mummy, I’m not feeling so well.” I then proceed to hear her start to throw up. Let me tell you, turbulence gets a lot more difficult to handle when you’re listening to a girl vom every time the plane does any kind of monkey business. But the most hilarious part of this ordeal was after we landed and her older sister was making fun of her. The little girl then goes (oh course in a sweet British accent that can make almost anything sound adorable), “It’s not vomit. It’s mucus.” Touché child. Touché. While we’re on the topic of Brits, their version of English is sometimes wonderful and sometimes baffling. For example, when we were going down the stairs from the airplane to the tarmac, the flight attendant says, “Be careful. It’s a bit slippy.” Score one point for British people. But then you have words like fetal (a word my class uses fairly often especially when talking about maternal health), which is spelled foetal in the Queen’s English. Have you ever heard of a silent o before? I didn’t think so.

Back to my journey home. The 8 and a half hour flight from London to Chicago is typically quite brutal. I usually rely on movies to get me through at least half of this time. Unfortunately, the selections being shown on this flight were nothing short of God-awful.  One was a film featuring Selena Gomez (I don’t even think Justin Bieber has seen it) and the second was the newest installment of the Narnia series, the Dawn Treader (I’d rather tread water til dawn than sit through that movie again). Weak game American Airlines.

Finally, the customs form I filled out asked for my country of residence. I realized I should probably put Germany. Even after living there for a few months, I can’t believe this really is the life I’m living.

Well, now that I’m home I think the blog will need to be abandoned for a few weeks. I’ll be sure to pick it back up again come January. Hope you all have an amazing time this holiday season and get a chance to spend some quality time with your families. Take care.




  1. Ryan Kaufman says:

    Not even one hug nor a hand pound? Tear. . Glad you made it home safe. Have fun spending time with the family and tell everyone I said Hi. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hasanga Samaraweera says:

    Apparently just wasn’t in the Christmas spirit for the hugs or hand pounds, but the snowless Midwest has cured me of that. Happy Holidays to you too Kaufman. Take care and I’ll tell my brother “hi” when I see him, Chrissie, and hopefully their new baby girl next week.