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Mullets, Museums, and Mail

No, that's not the future; it's a library It’s Fashion Week here in Berlin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an invite to the festivities. But seeing as I like to wear scrubs on a fairly regular basis (not out of necessity, mind you, but rather for comfortable), I guess I can’t blame them. Fashion here in […]

Just J-terming It

Life these days is moving at a fairly leisurely pace (J-term-esque). I’ve got time to play sports, cook, read books that are simply for enjoyment, etc. It’s kind of nice, but I really should start figuring out my thesis stuff… oh well, in due time. On Tuesday night I went out with a friend of […]

Healthy and Happy

And we’re back (said like the Jimmy Fallon skit with Man in the Can and all those other great characters). I’ve now recovered my strength (and control of my bowels). A worthy accomplishment. Anyway, this week we finished our epidemiology module and with it, our introductory courses to public health. On our last day, we […]

Worst Week Ever

Now you may be wondering, what kind of title is that for a blog about returning to Europe? Really, it’s quite a simple explanation. Diarrhea. No, not just going to the bathroom slightly too often, but rather it’s so bad that a 30 minute reprieve from the toilet feels like a gift from God. I […]