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London: Europe’s Little America

Angry Nostrils The first stop once I arrived in England was naturally the grocery store. It really was a candyland of not easily available foods in Germany. For example, I stocked up on bagels, peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies. We also got some stereotypically British foods such as Yorkshire puddings (not pudding at all; […]

ExSpainentially Bueno

Satisfied post-paella Madrid is gorgeous. Granted that might be simply because it was above freezing, but still, very pretty. I wandered around the city most of the day seeing the sights and such. But one thing that I seemed to constantly notice were pharmacies. They were everywhere. Literally every block you’d see their green cross […]

Geneva: The City of Ice

That behemoth behind us is/was a light pole... Apologies for being a deadbeat-blogger. I only just returned to Berlin after a bit of traveling Europe. I’ll now try to retroactively tell you all about my adventures. We’re harkening back to February 9th when my journey first started. My first destination is Geneva, Switzerland, where I’ll […]

How the Pros Do It

Classes this week were focused on diversity. Our professor’s last name was Matuko, so I’m expecting an Asian guy (although others thought African). Nope, in walks a white guy who looks EXACTLY like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. Being an absolutely huge fan of the show, I was speechless. It really felt like […]