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I Köln’t Believe I Bonn There

This week starts back at the World Health Summit for two more days of conferencing. There’s enough going on that the program is a 150 page behemoth (if a murder would’ve happened at the conference, my money would’ve been on Colonel Mustard in the forum with the Summit program). As amazing as some of the […]

Post-GAC Website Fame

In my four years at Gustavus, I somehow managed to not get Gustie of the Week, but look at me now world. Front page of the GAC website (so this is what being a Swedish ambassador feels like). This will definitely be making the résumé. With my time in the spotlight now done, I have […]

One Month Down

I’ve now been in Germany for over a month. That’s pretty crazy to say. In some sense it feels like the month flew by, but at the same time, I can’t actually remember being home (I guess that could just be my lackluster memory striking again). But yeah, classes are now getting into full swing, […]


Coming home from school today, a man just jumped in front of my train. I remember hearing the thud and instantly knowing. A second earlier that man had been alive and breathing. You could see shock on the faces of the people standing on the platform. Some just stood there with their hands over their […]

And so it begins

I started classes this week (although it was more so orientation; real school starts next week). Walking in, my first thought was, “Did I just make my way into the United Nations building?” My class has got every continent covered (and numerous times over) expect for Australia/Oceania (does anyone actually know what’s correct?) and Antarctica […]

Munich: UnBavarialievable

Deutschland has been my home for nearly 3 weeks now. I’ve already realized that if I were to even attempt to tell you everything that has gone down since then, we’d have a novel on our hands. For example, simply explaining the plane flight into Berlin, I could tell you about the pilot who told […]