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I’m currently back in America for winter break for about two weeks. It’s pretty surreal. But I’m not sure if it exactly feels like Christmas seeing as all the land is a dull brown rather than gloriously white. Hopefully some snow actually comes, but who knows. Maybe we’ll have to resort to throwing ice cubes […]

So, So Close

This beard made from cotton balls was more realistic than "Santa's" Just completed my last full week of school before heading back to America. Not going to lie, ridiculously excited for those two weeks of glory. It’ll be amazing to see my friends and family, and to top it off, my sister-in-law is due to […]

Gusties Galore

Rachel There was a major influx of Gusties into Berlin this week. By major I mean two, but for me that’s pretty huge. We’ll get to that shortly. Shopping. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m more the latter (unless it is for ties, but that’s neither here nor there). Since I rented […]